Opening Night Under A Rainbow Flag

In life you plan, train, practice, rehearse, re think, adjust, tweak, change, and prepare as best as you can for your moments.  Whether that is a presentation, a game, a test or any other number of important things.  Sometimes you are nervous and scared, other times you are excited and ready, but no matter how much preparation you do, eventually, you have to take a deep breath and go for it.

Fortunately, for myself, I am in the latter position in regards to my opening night feelings for our performance of Under A Rainbow Flag.  I have been involved with this show for about a year now and having seen the changes it has gone through, both in script/composition as well overall feel, I am confident and proud to say that this show is ready to be performed in front of an audience…hopefully a large one.  All of the people in this show are exceptionally talented and that isn’t limited to the actors.  The director, designers, musicians, stage manager, choreographers…everyone has brought an incredible amount of passion and dedication to this project.  We are ready.  Hopefully you will be able to join us for a show, we run for 5 weeks and I would love to see you in the audience.  I will also post reviews, good or bad, if they come out.


UARF Poster

Princess Bride Opening Night

What a wonderful opening night my friends and I got to experience last night!!!  The show went quite well but in the aftermath of the performance we started doing a little bit of reflecting and the things we realized were remarkable:

  • First rehearsal was on January 17th
  • We only had 16 total rehearsals
  • Of those 16 rehearsals we NEVER had the whole cast together
  • 4 of those rehearsals we did with a guest director
  • We did our Cue to Cue rehearsals without our light board operator
  • We had a stage manager for the first 11 rehearsals but not the last 5 and not for the run of the show.
  • The first time we ran the show with the entire cast was the opening night performance…

Not to be excluded are things like some of our ensemble members went above and beyond with contributions to costume, props and set work.  On Saturday night one of the ensemble will be stepping in to play the role of Inigo Montoya. Our Count Rugen is also running the sound for the show. We are going to end up meeting our ticket sales goal and make money for Edge Youth Theatre…The list just goes on and on.  I know that I want to work with all of these people again in the future and I hope that it happens.  Another sold out show tonight and hopefully we will sell the last few tickets for Sunday to make it a sold out run!  To all those who see the show and to all those who took the time to look at my website, as you wish.

Westley and Buttercup
Westley and Buttercup in The Princess Bride


Following another weekend of keeping quite busy with performances in the evenings, speech and debate tournament on Saturday, rehearsal on Sunday morning, closing matinee and then strike for The Rover…I suddenly find myself with some extra time on my hands.  Now that Rover has closed I have Thursday-Satruday night and Sunday afternoons free.  What to do with that time….hmmmm.  It would be so easy just to take that time off for the next couple of weeks and slowly try to figure out what I would like to do.  But that is exactly what I am trying to avoid doing, wasting a day.  I need to hold myself accountable for my time and wasting a day is something that I am realizing that I don’t want to do, but more importantly, something that I can’t afford to do.

This week I have been listening to a mix of motivational speeches that thedjraz posted on Most of the speeches, but certainly not all, are given towards athletes but the same principles can be applied towards a career in the arts.  Becoming a professional actor requires a similar level of insane dedication that it takes for those who work towards becoming professional athletes.  Currently I have 18 more days of P90X to complete before I reach the “end” of the program.  That being said I will go ahead and say that I am already looking forward to the second round.  I’m looking forward to the pain, the struggle, the discipline that is required to survive the next 90 days, and I know that I will be looking forward to another 90 days after that.  For the second round I will be adding more daily goals, not just working out everyday. I need to sing, practice piano, read, run monologues, study movies, study other actors, see shows, network…I need to work.

The best part about all of this?  I am the one who gets to make it all happen.  I get to look back on my life when I am older and I get to see this period in my life as the time that I really started to figure out what it actually takes to become a successful person.  That I held myself accountable and was able to make things happen.


20121024-234539.jpg Today marks the 45th day of the P90X journey for me. What this technically means is that I am halfway through the program but honestly I don’t think that’s the best way to look at it. Yes I am halfway through the current attempt at P90X but that doesn’t mean that I will be done with the program forever once I complete the second 45 days. Most likely I will take a few days, possibly a week, off to rest and enjoy the success of making it through the program but then I plan on starting up a second round. The reason being once I am done with the program it’s not like my body is going to be at that level of fitness forever. I am going to have to continually work to either maintain or improve the level of fitness that I am at.

The same can be said of any skill or activity that you work at in your lifetime. Just because you reach a milestone or a halfway point doesn’t mean that the work is all of a sudden done. Quite the contrary in fact the work is always just beginning again. I think back to earning my college degree in theater performance. I spent four years striving to reach that one goal and when I finally reached that milestone it’s not like I was able to sit back, celebrate and say “I am now a complete actor.” Instead it meant that I need to challenge and push myself even further with my craft, to hone my skills and find ways to become a better actor. Specifically what I have learned in that regard is that I needed to become a better businessman in regards to marketing myself as an actor. That is one of the main purposes of learning how to run this website for myself.

Basically all of life comes down to setting goals. You need to start out with the core statement of what you you want to do in this life. Then you need to start to break it down into the specific fields that will help you achieve that main goal. Within each of those fields you then need to break it down further and help provide yourself step-by-step milestones that you can conceivably achieve. P90X is a perfect example of this. The program is one of the areas that I am using to help myself as an actor. My body is my instrument that I play and use and I need it to be in the best shape that I can possibly get it in. So that is one of the fields that I am working on and the main goal in that field is to get into better shape both cardiovascular and muscular. In order to do that I need to have good consistent exercise and appropriate diet. The 90 days are broken down into three distinct phases with different exercises and different diets for each phase. Each muscle group gets its own set of exercises that you do once or possibly twice a week. Every day has a set amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, veggies you should be consuming to help you achieve this. Now every day you were achieving something that is helping you work towards your goal.

So what ever it is that you want out of life, setting goals and proper planning will help you to achieve that. If you are having trouble with this ask your friends, write a message to me in the comment section, go to reddit and ask for advice do something! Because if you don’t this life is going to seem very long until you’re old and you’ll realize that you wasted all a lot of time.