Post Princess Bride

As you wish, to every single person who came to the show, tried to come to the show, lives outside of Chicago and told me that if they could they would have come to seen the show! It was a wonderful smashing success and I really could not be more pleased with how amazing the show turned out.  We took many pictures during the show and I will try to post some of those here once I get copies of them.  To all those who weren’t able to make it I do have this little treat for you:

Working with Dave Gonzalez (and Nick Toussaint, Inigo from our Saturday show) was really fun because this man is not only an incredibly talented actor but the dude really knows how to fight well.

So. Much. Fun. If any of you were ever thinking of getting me a gift (for some reason) you don’t need to ever ask me what I want because the answer is simple: Fighting gear.  This includes swords of all kind, daggers, knives, gauntlets, gloves and anything else that could be used in a stage combat scenario.  One last time, to all the people who were involved with this show in any way I love you.

Busy in a good way

Despite my lack of a 9-5 style job I myself and keeping quite busy.  Busy enough in fact that I blew off posting yesterday (bad excuse because I can do it on my phone I should have at least put something up) figuring that I would be able to update today instead.

For those actors who have not heard of the website Actors Access you need to get yourself over there and sign up.  I highly recommend that you pay for a yearly subscription (only $67 I think) which will allow you to submit yourself to an unlimited number of projects.  You can pay per submission if you would like but it is $2 per and I think you will be more eager to submit after you have paid for the year subscription.  Through this site I had booked myself for two auditions at Columbia College.  The auditions were in two different buildings downtown which I was totally fine with because I had plenty of time to travel between the two.  The fist audition was at 2:30 at the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book &  Paper Arts located at 1104 S Wabash Ave.  I had been told that I would be getting sides e-mailed to me but they never arrived.  To be perfectly honest, that is one of my favorite things to have happen before an audition.  I love walking in, having them ask if I brought the sides, telling the casting director I never received them, getting them on the spot and then BRINGING IT with my audition.  I like to leave them with the idea that, hey if this is what he was able to do in 30 seconds what could happen with an hour? Two hours? Twenty-four hours?  That is the positive side, the negative side is that if I never received the sides there is a good chance the project might be a bit disorganized and end up being a nightmare but hey, good with the bad as they say. Overall I felt that I did well at this audition.

As I was leaving the room to go to my second audition, another student who was running auditions for her project stopped me in the hall and asked me if I would want to come read for her.  I obviously said yes, since I still had plenty of time, and headed into the room.  Now this brings me to a very important note for young actors: Always carry extra headshots and resumes. Now this might not always be possible, and I understand that, but if you can definitely carry them in your audition binder.  Another good alternative is, if the casting director is fine with it, to email an electronic copy of your headshot and resume to them on the spot.  I find the best way to make that happen is to make sure that you have a Dropbox account. Oh, my, goodness, is that a useful app to have.  It is totally free for 2GB of storage which can be accessed from any web browser, from your smart phone, and your comp.  You simply save any file you would like into the Dropbox folder and BAM you have access to it whenever you need it.

I felt that the second audition, though completely a surprise, went well and at the very least it was another good opportunity to perform and quickly create a character.  I then headed to the north side of downtown for my second audition located at One East Erie.  Not thinking too much of this I headed to the building only to discover that the audition was being held at the Sag-Aftra offices located in the Kaufherr Members Resource Center (KMRC)! I never had even heard of this place but the more I have been reading about it on their website the more I am excited to hear that a place like this exists and has these resources available to actors.  Even though I am not union it is a very cool thing to discover and gives me even more energy and excitement as I continue this journey of becoming a professional actor.  This audition was really fun, it was the first time I have ever read for the role of a police officer and I know that it won’t be the last because that is a character that will never die out.  First time I read the sides it was with no instruction and then the director gave me one note and they had me read again.  Overall it was a blast and I was very greatful for the opportunity.

Despite the fact that the auditions all went well I don’t think that I will get any of the roles because I had multiple conflicts with the shoot days for all three projects. If one of the films decides to go with me I know that they must have really enjoyed my audition if they are willing to work around the schedule that I have.  Regardless I got the chance to perform three different times and I walked out of each audition feeling good about the work I had presented and that’s really all you can do at an audition!