Hello and welcome. First of all thanks for coming to my website, hopefully it means you have seen some of my work and are wondering if I have something else you could watch or possibly read.

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado I graduated CU Boulder in 2009 with a BFA in Theatre Performance.  I moved back in with my folks, saved up some money and in June of 2010 I moved to Chicago with 3 friends and began my first adventure away from home.  I loved Chicago and worked for several storefront theatre companies there including Twenty-Percent Theatre, Pride Films & Plays, Edge of Orion, and The Conservatory. In 2015 I decided I was looking for some more training as an actor and I elected to audition for the URTA’s.  As a result…

Currently I am a graduate student at Wayne State University in Midtown, Detroit. I am an actor and a member of the Hilberry Company and am scheduled to graduate in May of 2018 with my Master of Fine Arts Degree.

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